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Configure Outlook express  to get Email  from localhost  using Coldfusion

Hallo Experts
I want to test if the send email function is working.Can i test it on my local computer using outlook express,Coldfusion and IIS?
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Top Expert 2008
you could install the windows pop3 server (i think it comes bundled with windows2003) in IIS smtp server, make the local domain something like 'myhost.mydomain.com'

then in the cfmail, set the smtp server to your IIS, and make to="username@myhost.mydomain.com"

where 'username' is a valid windows local user on the IIS host.  Now connect to the windows POP3 using the 'username' and the password from outlook.



i have found something on this page:
To use this must i have a domain name and a ip address?

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