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public folders meetings permissions not working

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Last Modified: 2011-09-20
i have a public folder, and some meeting rooms.


on meeting room 1, i have: 2 users set as owners - full read/write
                                            admins group as owners - full read/write
                                            1 authors group - read ALL / modify & delete - OWN
                                            default : read only
                                            anonymous: read only
the permissions for the authors group, is okay, if i check in exchange system manager, i mean they are set for AUTHOR,

yet, when i logged in one of the authors accounts and created a meeting, i was able to delete it using another author's account which is in the same group.

do you have any ideas where could i look further more ?

the funny thing is, i removed one authors from the authors group, and using that user, i was able to modify permissions in the meeting room. YET the default permissions are set for reviewer ... which means only read access.
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of the folders...


Have you also set the permissions for "meeting_rooms"



yes. no love.
Stacy SpearPresident/Principal Consultant

That one user isn't a member of any of the other groups?


it is but they are none related to the permissions on the public folders. i checked.
President/Principal Consultant
Using PFDAVAdmin (download from Microsoft), drill down and look at the permissions of that folder with it. Also, are there multiple servers involved? If so, have you looked at the public folder on each to verify the permissions took?

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