Permissions Query problem


I have a fleet of databases each of which have read users who  have execute permissions on a set of stored procedures which all start with rpt_.
I would like to be able to list the permissions on these individual logins, but just for the stored procedures defined.

The following would give me one procedure for the user selected:
EXECUTE AS LOGIN = 'read_user_1';
SELECT * FROM fn_my_permissions ('Rpt_x', 'OBJECT');

The above however does not provide the permission info for all the procedures.

Another issue is that I need this to work on sql server 2000 as well as 2005, as half the servers are still 2000.

Can this be done?

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Do you want to display the permissions given to database roles also (users may belong to some of them, roles can imply the effective permissions...)?

Some sample code you may use is in the snippet. The code in the snippet searches for execute permissions given to specific users on stored procedures named with prefix rpt_. It does not search for permissions granted (denied) to (from) roles.
  object_name( as [object], 
    when p.protecttype in (204,205) then 'GRANT'
    when p.protecttype = 206 then 'DENY'
  end as [grant/deny]
from dbo.sysprotects p with (nolock)
inner join dbo.sysusers u with (nolock)
on p.uid = u.uid
inner join sysobjects o with (nolock)
on =
where like 'rpt\_%' escape '\' 
and in (<put_your_user_names_list_here>) 
and p.action = 224 and o.xtype = 'P'

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kinnon_2000Author Commented:
This was great. sorry for the delayed response, I've been away for a short spell.
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