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iPhoto import dates and Auto Import

jamesnoe asked

I have two questions relating to iPhoto:

1) When I imported my photos - it uses import date rather than date taken.  As I've only just bought a Mac, I have 10 years worth of photos which (say) Picassa on the PC correctly sorts.  iPhoto only has the date I imported the photos - any way of fixing this?

2) Is it possible to get iPhoto to 'watch' folders in the same way Picassa does?  e.g. if I dropped some photos in a folder from my PC can iPhoto automatically import that into the library or do they always have to be manually imported?


Watch Question

You don't mention what version of OSX and iPhoto you have ??

1) iPhoto should record the Image Date  when importing .. unless you are copying them from one device to another in which case the date may be over-written with the copied date.

2) OSX supports Watched Folders
You can use Automator to easily create a watch folder that will automatically tell iPhoto to import any image that's placed into it.

1.      Open Automator (it's included in your Applications folder)

2. In the Untitled workflow document that appears, click on iPhoto in the Library pane.

3. In the Action pane, double click on Import Photos into iPhoto. This will add an import action to your workflow. By default, it's set to import into the iPhoto library. If you'd rather have it import into a specific album, or into a new album, configure the action accordingly.

4. In the Finder, create a new folder on the desktop and call it something like "Import to iPhoto".

5. In Automator, choose File > Save as Plug-in.

6. Name the plug-in "Import to iPhoto".

7. From the Plug-in for pop-up menu, choose Folder Actions.

8. Use the Attached to Folder popup menu to select the "Import to iPhoto" folder that you created in step 4.

9. Close the Automator document and quit Automator.

Now, anytime that you save or drop  an image into your "Import to iPhoto" folder, it will automatically be imported into iPhoto. It doesn't matter whether you actually save from other app - or even copy or move a file into the folder using the Finder.


I've kind of given up with iPhoto - not as good as WIndows offerings

Thanks for the help though...

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