Deployment of multiple .NET applications with one setup file

Hello all,
I want to create a setup project that deploys several applications in a machine including 2 web applications, 4 windows services, 2 sql server databases and possibly other applications like windows forms applications.
All applications .NET developed with Visual Studio 2005.
I would like to have one single setup point that would contain a wizard that would get the necessary configuration for the setup and act accordign to it.
Is it possible to do this using one or several "Setup Project"s and or "Web Setup Project"s in Visual Studio 2005?
I could do one "Web Setup Project" that installs 1 web application together with the windows services and the database generation, but I couldn't figure out how to add more web applications.
Can you you give me some pointer on where to look for information regarding this multiple application setup?
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DhaestConnect With a Mentor Commented:
SanctusAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the comment. This seems like a nice way to go.
I would think that the way to go wouldn't imply creating a windows forms for the setup and there would be some kind of "magic"  project that would take care fo this for me.
Also I would like to have one single application showing on the Add/Remove Programs. And a nice way to uninstall and upgrade the applications. I guess I need to build this into the windows forms app too, right?
I guess if you install all the applications separated (you just select one through the winapplication), they will all be configured separatly in your add/remove programs
SanctusAuthor Commented:
It's a bit old but probably the best solution for this problem still today.
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