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Basics of clustering

tupac1979 asked
I am the server admin of a company and we have to setup a new cluster. We currently have windows 2003 enterprise edition. I am researching this and reading a few whitepapers for microsoft windows clustering. If anyone is familiar with can you point to some materials to get me started in the right direction. I have read the whitepapers and they help but any addiontial information would be helpful. Thanks
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That's a pretty broad question.

The white papers cover the basics such as nic configuration, shared storage, etc.  Not much is left out.

Do you have a specific question that the white papers didn't cover?
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Some general advice:
Decide if you want an Active-Active cluster (where both machines are normally on-line, services are just swaped to the other on failover - limited to 2 nodes) and Acitive-Passive (up to 8 nodes where one server is off-line and picks up the services from the failed machine on failover)

Remember you will need not only the enterprise edition of the OS but also of server software such as exchange

You will also require an external disk array accessable by all nodes and two networks - one to link  the cluster to your other machines and one to provide the cluster hearbeat.

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