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TCP Port 5150, increased dropped connections

ppuleo asked
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Last Modified: 2012-05-05
Hi everyone,

I have been getting tons of connection attempts to TCP port 5150 on my firewall.  The connection attempts are coming from a wide variety of IPs.  Does anyone know what services run off this port?  I've found very little information on the net and was hoping one of the networking pros here could enlighten me.  


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5150 is a listener port for Ascend Tunnel Management Protocol.  Ascend is a way for Dial-in users to make a connection to an ISP sever, then the ISP provide the user an address from his home subnet.  5150 is the listening port for the ISP to set this "virtual network" up.

You are probably seeing hits on 5150 because there is a recent vulnerability discovered in this system.

Here are details on Ascend Tunnel management protocol.


Thanks Ubuntop.  What's odd is it is coming in on our 2nd IP.  We have two connections to two separate IPs and use this one only for outgoing HTTP and HTTPS.  I'm having no trouble blocking it, it just was odd how it suddenly increased in frequency.

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