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IIS6: Possible to create virtual dir based on mapped drive letter, not \\ style UNC path?

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Last Modified: 2008-03-20
Hi, I'm having some problems with very slow web page loading when the 'Website Content Directory' is not stored locally.

I'm moving our dev platform from w2kserver/IIS5 to w2k3web/IIS6.

In IIS 5 I could just select the mapped drive path, i.e. W:\webfiles\project1\wwwroot.
When viewing this site the content would load just as fast as it would if it comming from the local drive.

In IIS 6 I have to use a full path. i.e. \\fileserver\webshare\webfiles\project1\wwwroot.
And content takes much longer.

I'm guessing here, but I'm wondering if this is the problem: When a mapped drive is used, windows itself has already authenticated the connection... maybe?
And when I use a \\ type path IIS is authenticating every file each time it connects?

I dunno... over to you! Cheers.
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Just a few thoughts, but try using the IP address instead of the servername in the UNC path...this will avoid having to look up the server entry each time (although that should get cached).  Also, check the permissions on the directory, and make sure that its appropriate for both of your servers.  If you're using anonymous, set the anonymous account to a domain account instead of the local system account.
Hi, Sorry for TERRIBLY long delay in answering. Thanks for your suggestions, I tried them but didnt find any improvment. I've since given up and installed the slowest apps locally and not on the fileserver.

Not sure how to close this, properly. I'll accept my own question which should close it I think.

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