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Can't install mouse

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Last Modified: 2013-12-09
I have a computer using a Logitech Cordless Mouse (MX LASER). I reinstalled WINXP on the machine (repaired the current install) and since then I can not get WINXP to install a mouse. The cordless mouse or any other. When I try to plug in a Dell USB Optical mouse it thinks it is a Logitech device. I get the error: Cannot Install this Hardware. There was a problem installing this hardware: Logitech USB Optical Wheel Mouse. An error occurred during the installation of the device. Fatal error during installation.
I have tried removing all USB devices and installing it again and I get the same result.

Help is apprecatied! I'm banging my head here!
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kanalQkoTechnical Support Engineer

removing devices is not helpful, because drivers still remains in windir\system32\drivers

download driver from manufacturer a reinstall with this new one


I downloaded Setpoint 4.0 from Logitech's website. I installed it and was not able to change the result.
I can't find a driver for the dell usb mouse.
kanalQkoTechnical Support Engineer

if you logitech mouse use logitech driver, if you have dell mouse, use dell driver, system is always asking you when reinstalling keep current driver (recommended) or replace the new driver, select 2nd choice to replace driver


As I stated in the original post, the problem is when I plug in the DELL mouse WINXP thinks it is a Logitech Mouse.
kadadi_vIT Admin

Is there logitech mouse application installed so check in Add/Remove programs adl also check in registry editor....and remove that logitech mouse enteries .Also download the windows installer cleanup utlity and remove the entry if it found in Add/remove programs.Also check any virus infected on your pc.


Vijay Kadadi
Erik BjersPrincipal Systems Administrator

Uninstal any and all logitech software and update your USB drivers (not from M$, but from the computer or motherboard manufacturer web site)
Then in safe mode reomve any mouse devices from device manage

After all that reboot in normal mode with the mouse you want connected and then reinstall logitech software.  Also Logitech has excelent support and will gladley help you through your issues.

If this still does not work you may have a bad USB controler and should try a PS2 mouse (cheep one should cost around 10 - 20)

Removing the installation of the logitech software and even editing the registry to remove all traces did not work.

What did work was:
Instead of choosing the default driver to install I had to tell it to install from a list instead of automatically and then to not search but choose from a list.
Then the Dell mouse appeared and I installed it easily.

Thanks for all that helped out!

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