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Fade in one bullet at a time

SDTSS asked
I have a client with a presentation in 2003. She has one side with a title in one text box, then 6 bullets in another text box. She wants to use the fade in or something other animation to display one bullet at a time. However the fade in is displaying the title and then the entire text box with all the bullets at once. Do they have to be in separate text boxes?
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No they don't have to be in seperate text boxes

set the amination if you have not already done so by selecting the text box and choosing "custom animation" and add the desired effect.

Then to set the animation right click and in the task pane select "efects options" and "and on the "Text Animation Tab" select "by 1st Level paragraphs"
KCTS is exactly right for the effect that you've described.
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