WMIPRVSE.exe Error

I am continually getting an error message that says:
WMIPRVSE.exe - Application Error
The instruction at 0x7c91103c referenced memory at 0x00000000. The memory could not be "written".

I reinstalled WinXP (repaired the current install) and still get the error.
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Sounds like you could have some bad sectors on your hdd.

Put your windows disk back in launch the recovery console and run chkdsk
ALso run

sfc /scannow

From recovery console

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Tjere is also a virus by the same name and please note reformatting does not always remove viruses.

Check following post for removal if it is a virus.

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kadadi_vIT AdminCommented:
Check this accepted solution:---



Vijay Kadadi
Please note the link fo rthe accepted solution in the above is the same as the one posted initially by myself
purplestar1970Author Commented:
This solution seemed to do the trick. Thank you!
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