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Shuffle questions

steva asked
I'd like to do two things with my iPod Classic that I don't seem to be able to do.

1. I'd like  to shuffle the songs that don't appear in any  playlists.  

2.  I'd  like to shuffle the playlists.  That is, play playlist 5, play playlist 9, play playlist 3, etc. but don't shuffle the songs inside a playlist.

Thanks for any ideas.
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Maybe a little more information would be helpful.  My playlists are actually the multiple movements of a concerto or symphony, so I want to play them in order.  I purchased each movement as a separate song on iTunes, hence the need to regroup them back into "albums."  A real album, though, would have more than this concerto or symphony.
If I understood correctly you have a concert as separated songs and prepared a playlist to hear it completely, if thats the case and If you have written the Album name on the song properties you can shuffle by album instead of by song.
If you didn't set the album name you can do it naming it as you feel it better describes what's inside.


Ah! Ok.  I didn't realize I could group any songs I wanted into "Albums" by just putting the identical wording in the Album column in iTunes and  then the iPod would treat these as albums and play all the contents in order.  Thanks,  That works fine.

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