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Export multiple DTS packages based on processes in the packages

We are moving a SQL 2000 Server to a SQL 2005 Server.  The Server will be completely new so I need to go through a lot of DTS packages to find any reference to the current server name so the processes can be changed to the new server name.  

I have seen one or two entries on here about using VB to export all the packages into VB.  I need to be able to only pull the packages that specifically reference that server name.  Does anybody have any ideas?

I can write some VB but am not a VB Programmer.  I need to do this fairly quickly.  I did find code on here that will allow mass export into VB but I wondered if there is a way to search within the packages using VB so I am only getting the packages I need.

Please help.
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i have used this method



Thank you for your reply on this.  I actually wound up just using a VB script and pulling them that way but thank you for taking the time to reply.  I do like the DTS site - good info found there.

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