Printing with pixma ip 1700 only in black

Hi all,

How can I preform only black printing on a pixma ip 1700 printer.
I tried everything even selecting print in gray tones.

However I don't need to print in color only black and white. But my color ink seems to get depleted when I want to print only black. When I remove my color ink (so it can only use the black container) The printer gets in error mode. saying not all the inkt cartridges are installed.

What can do the trick so only black ink is used?

Best regards,

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hdhondtConnect With a Mentor Commented:
That's part of the fun of inkjets. Even if you only print black, you will still use colour as well.

First it is possible that the driver sends greyscale images to the printer with some colour as wll as black. This is done to get richer blacks. It may be possible to select a setting in the driver that avoids this.

Colour ink is also used whenever the printhead is purged. Purges happen whenever you clear a blocked jet, and every time the printer is switched on. During a purge the printer clears all colours, not just the one that has a problem. Switching an inkjet on and off repeatedly will eventually empty all inks, even if you don't print anything.
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