Simple config on Pix 501

We have a Cisco Pix 501 Firewall that needs to be configured for a testing network. We know a bit about firewall config and were nearly there but for some reason the Pix went wierd and now it doesnt work, can you help?

The network is the simplest scenario there is:

PC ( ----------( PIX (XXX.XXX.XXX.42)------(XXX.XXX.XXX.46) Router

With PC accessing the internet, thats all we want at the moment.
Easy I hear you say then why is the pix not working!
Here are our inputs:

access-list inbound permit tcp any any                      
access-list inbound permit ip any any                                  
access-list inbound permit udp any any
access-list outbound permit icmp any any

ip address outside                                      
ip address inside

access-group outbound in interface outside                              
access-group inbound in interface inside

global (outside) 1 interface
nat (inside) 1 0 0  

route outside 1

dhcpd address inside
dhcpd dns <- our ISP DNS
dhcpd lease 3600
dhcpd ping_timeout 750
dhcpd enable inside
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Are you able to ping your router from the PIX?
Can you ping the pix from your LAN?
Are you getting a proper DHCP address on your LAN?
I believe that your intent with the following commands is to allow all outbound traffic through the PIX that originates from the network:

access-list inbound permit tcp any any                      
access-list inbound permit ip any any                                  
access-list inbound permit udp any any
access-group inbound in interface inside

If this is correct, then I would just remove this ACL from the inside interface since all traffic is implicitly allowed from a higher security level interface to a lower security level interface by default:

no access-group inbound in interface inside

Also, add the following command and then try to ping your router from the PC at

access-list outbound permit icmp any any echo-reply

See if this helps...
Gaz3_11Author Commented:
Thanks for the replies guys

The router is un-pingable anyway.

I cannot even ping the pix from the LAN.
The DHCP was working, then it wasnt, now its working again!?

I added the echo-reply instead of the access-group and still no luck.

I also added:
http inside - to get the pdm working but this does not work either
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make sure your interface is not shut down bu default, check to see if you have the following command:

interface ethernet0 auto shutdown

If yes   do a "no shut" on it to bring it up

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What do you see when you issue the command "show arp"?  Do you see the address of your default gateway?
Gaz3_11Author Commented:
Yes it was on auto shutdown, I changed it to just auto and the same to ethernet1, I put 100full.
Thanks LhasaIT I completely missed out those commands.
And thanks to everyone for trying.
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