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Avoiding onrowcommand event in paging

Sukeshjph asked
Hi in my gridview when i click on page tabs i get to first rowcommand and then paging event.Some pages i am getting error "index out of range",as i am setting the e.commandargument to rowindex and getting it back in rowcommand to acces the servercontrols.But i think during paging it first fires the onrowdatabound and e.commandargument is set to the page no=pageindex+1.That is why i am getting index out of range error as before setting the pageindex it tries to find out e.commandargument.
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You need to check the CommandName and treat the CommandArgument differently depending on the command. For a page event, you might get a page number, or you might get text, as in "Last". You don't need to set the NewPageIndex, it is set for you.


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