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Which SKYPE PHONE is the best?

I'm looking for a Skype Phone that:
* Take ordinary phone calls as well as Skype calls.
* Rings for Skype calls and ordinary calls
* Can connect to internet without computer?

Suggest any other important features I might have left out!
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If you live in the UK you can get this phone;

In the US you can get these ones;

but you can also download skype to a Smartphone or a phone with windows mobile but they must have WIFI of coarse;

Hope this helps
Here is some from newegg.  There is a variety here and they have some reviews as well:
just search ebay for Skype phones and add into the search criteria -- PC.  You are looking for the statement "no PC required"  or "PC-less" -- that is what you want.  There is a new GE brand, there is a netgear brand, and there is an SMC brand and some others.  They all cost $100 up, whereas the ones that require a PC to even work use USB, and are cheaper, because they are basically USELESS -- badly thought out invention.

If you browse the EBay listings, and see USB mentioned, keep away from it -- it is just a remote to the PC, it cannot work without your PC running, and since no one wants these abortions, they sell real cheap.


Thanks for the recommendations

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