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Why is the default gateway ip address disappearing?

xavisxav asked
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Last Modified: 2013-12-23
I had to make a workstation part of 2 networks so I just finished installing a 2nd Nic card and added a couple of route statements. Both nics are statically assigned their ip info. I did that 2 days ago and since then, at least once per day, I lose connectivity to the original network because the gateway ip address is missing. When you go to the 1st Nic's tcp/ip properties, the address is there but when you run ipconfig, the default gateway is blank. I have to restart the computer for it to reappear and work again.
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hi there!
for your workstations you should have only one default gw.
so for the second card you don't need default gw at all.
if you have some networks behind that second card, you have to use route command:

route add <remote network> mask <mask for that network> <gateway behind which remote network is located>


makes sense...will try it and respond soon...


It seems to have done the trick...with my route statements in place, I just removed the gw on the second nic and it pings fine. thx.

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