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how to create dual vision on a dual monitor video card

snipa911 asked
Hi there,
I have a computer with 2 monitors connected to a dual monitor video card.  Now I would like to display the same thing on both screens because one screen is in a room 20 feet away with a long cable.  I can extend my desktop but don't know how to create double vision. Does anyone know a trick to make double vision?  Thanks

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Use "Presentation mode"


how do i use presentation mode?  please explain.
Top Expert 2012
Just uncheck the "extend my desktop" checkbox in the display properties and it will default to clone mode, which will give you two identical displays.

If you are driving a display from any distance over 15 ft, depending on the quality of the cable, you may suffer a voltage drop, which for VGA connections results in a darker screen.  In this case, you may need a distribution amp to boost the voltage.  Digital cables have greater limitations and may not go as far; in addition, they cost more.

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