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Windows 2003 Server Scheduled Backup Exits Rather Than Waiting For The Next Tape

Hi all,

I have an issue with Windows 2003 Server Backup.  1 tape does not have enough space to contain a full backup, so 2 are needed.  When I run a manual backup, it will ask for the next tape when the first is full.  I have set up a schedule for these backups to run nightly, but they only ever go through the first tape, then the backup program exits.  So, I need to do a manual full backup the next morning.  How can I correct this so when I come in the next morning, it is prompting me to insert the next tape and finish the backup?  Thanks in advance for the help!
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You may need to add the /UP or /UM switch to the end of your backup script (bks file)

See the following two articles as reference:


The patch seemed to work thus far.  Thanks.

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