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ThinkPad R51 will not power on with charged battery and power supply.

dmulloy asked
I have a ThinkPad R51 that will not power on. I have tried different batteries and power supplies. None of the lights turn on, blink, or flash. The harddrive doesn't spin. Is the laptop toast? Is it something easy to fix? The laptop is an older one and out of warranty, so it wouldn't be a huge loss.

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If you're reasonably sure the batteries and power supplies were the correct ones for the laptop, then Yes ... the laptop's "toast" :-)     It's probably repairable => but I wouldn't spend a lot of time on it.   If the unit worked with batteries, but not AC, I'd suggest replacing the power jack ... but with no power indication at all it's more complex.

Bottom line:  Unless you just want to "tinker" with it ... and don't mind spending a few $$ for parts ... I'd just toss it.   R51's go on e-bay for $200 - $300 [recent sales $213.50, $152.50, $295.00, $181.11] => you could easily spend close to that in parts to get this working.    ... in fact, you could probably get a few $$ by listing it in "non-working condition" :-)


That is about what I was thinking.  EBay...here I come!!!!  Thanks

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