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Connecting my DSL modem to a wireless router.

i want to connect my new wirless router to my DSL modem so I can use my laptop at the same time wirelessly. If the DSL modem is the uses the pc (Vista OS) for a fire wall. will I have to confugure the new router to the same properties as the DSL modem ?   I thought I could just connect the DSL modem to the router, then router to PC via the one of the 4 wired pc connection points, then use the wireless card on the laptop to recieve the WI-Fi signal. but the laptop isn't seeing a wirelesss network? any advice would help.
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Have you gone onto the router's control panel and set up a wireless network? You may need to do that first.
Michael WorshamCloud/Infrastructure Solutions Architect

DSL modems are usually setup using PPPoE. In your router configuration, you will need to setup the router to setup PPPoE to allow it to connect to your ISP. Some DSL modems need to also be setup in bridging mode if they have a router built-in.

Who is your ISP/Provider?
Is your wireless card built-in or did you purchase it separately?

Three things:

1) make sure your "wireless" light is on (which brand/model of laptop do you have?)
2) try reinstalling the wireless card (which brand/model?)
3) brand/model of wireless router you are using?


 The wireless light and the internet light on the router are on and my laptop can see the wireless network signal as excellent but can not access?   I don't have any security settings enabled ?
Could you explain in more detail?  Such as... Is it hanging on "acquiring an IP address..." etc...

For starters, have you tried rebooting? (Not just hibernating...)


Ok I'll try to explain in better detail my troubles. I'm using a westell DSL modem and I'm trying to install a Belkin G Plus MIMO wireless router so I will be able to network with my laptop wirelessly in or near the house. My laptop is a Dell inspiron 1705 with a built in Intel pro 3945 wireless adapter. The laptop adapter worked fine a week or two ago with my old setup (before moving to differant house)  With my last DSL provider I simply had to run a cd rom in my laptop and it configured the wireless connection for me (not the case here) When my laptop searches for a wirless connection in range it finds or (can see ) the new router, but when I try to access it I get a message saying unable to connect? I don't have any kind of security enabled that I know of, unless there is some type of firewall via the PC ?  I assume the router is functioning properly because the laptop can see a wireless signal, but what I need to do to access it is frustrating me. I don't know maybe it's a setting on my laptop's internal wireless adapter. I have rebooted the PC and reset the router a number of times. I just want the thing to work I will worry about the security aspect once I get connected. Is there a wireless router configuration book for dummies that I could order? or is it just someting little that I'm overlooking?
I know you must be getting frustrated, but can you connect to the internet via a network cable plugged into your laptop from the router?  I'll get you through this; don't worry.


Yes, I have used an ethernet cable in one of the wired ports of the router and gained access to the internet with my laptop. My desktop is also connected to one of wired ports of the router. I'm so close to wireless I can taste it, just something I'm still missing?
Just to be sure, we're talking about the same router.  It should be the one here:


Then, try the Easy Install Wizard... Inspect your router for the hardware version (it should be somewhere near the serial number).

Here is the wizard: http://www.belkin.com/support/article/?lid=en&pid=F5D9230-4&aid=9082&scid=0

Let me know how it goes.


Yes that is the router that I bought and the wizard that I have been using. When I run the wizard it says "Congratulations your router has successfully been configured"  but It doesn't access the internet via wireless? My laptop can see the network but it doesn't inform me as to why it can't access it? There has to be something wrong wth the setup between the modem and the router? the tech that installed the modem mentioned that the PC was used as the firewall so to speak? at the time that didn't mean a whole lot to me but now I'm wondering if that could be part of the issue. I have my PC wired through the router and it works fine, the router is showing a wireless signal , but the internet light on the router is "blinking green" according to the instructions that means that it is (trying) to access the internet. a solid green light on the router means connected to internet. I don't know what could be stopping me from accessing the wireless network. Could it have something to do with IP addresses? I'm not sure what IP addresses the router is supposed to have configured in it to create a wireless network?
Ah ha!  That's a problem with router-modem for sure.  Unfortunately, there are quite a few ways to go about this.  Here is what I recommend you do first: 1) read your router's user manual, 2) log into the router at, 3) check your wireless configuration for PPPoE settings, 4) look for "IP address" and "DNS" numbers near that setting.  Do you see  Or is there a number?

1. If there is a number for DNS, and you still cannot connect, you need to call the company that installed it.

2. If there isn't a number, then it's a problem with your DSL account information.  Maybe a typo.  Many times the username field will be "yourname@domain.com" but the tech will enter "yourname" by itself, and that won't work.

Hope this is helping.


Thanks for the help, I called the ISP to get the infomation that I needed to access the internet through the modem. The DSL modem wasn't configured correctly to use with a wireless router. I appreciate all your suggestions and the time you spent trying to resolve my wireless connection issue.

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