How can I Query/Update Novell eDirectory using Oracle PL/SQL Procedure?


What is the best way to query/update Novell eDirectory using an Oracle PL/SQL procedure? I have an Oracle database with up-to-date employee status/location/contact information that I would like to synchronize with Novell eDirectory/GroupWise. I'm looking for an automated data push from Oracle to eDir. The Oracle database is running on an Intel/RedHat box and the eDirectory is running on a Novell server. I have full admin access to the database, but I don't have physical access to the eDirectory server. Just the ability to query/update via LDAP.

We don't use OID, so I'm thinking the best way would be to write an Oracle procedure to query/update Novell eDirectory using LDAP services. What about Novell IDM / DirXML or DBMS_LDAP?

Is this the best way to go? Any suggestions or site/software/reading recommendations?

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"A Novell server" tells us nothing.  That's like saying "on a Microsoft server" or "on an IBM server."

Please, what version/SP of NetWare or OES are you running, just so we aren't talking about capabilities you don't have?

Of course, if they won't give you anything but LDAP access, that's moot.   Have you checked to see if you _can_ make changes via LDAP?  I'd think it would have to be an authenticated, probably LDAPS (port 636, IIRC) connection in order for the LDAP service to permit any update to eDirectory.  There are alternative tools that also might work, like JDBC for example.  That might let you use a PL/SQL procedure, if you can attach eDirectory as a foreign database through JDBC.  I don't know if it *can* be done, I'm just thinking "out loud."

Once you have a clear understanding of what connectivity and level of authorization you're going to be able to squeeze from the NW Admins, use the resources at the Novell Developernet Wiki:

shaynegwAuthor Commented:

Our eDirectory services run under Netware v6.5 SP6 on a Dell/Intel server. Our source database is Oracle v10.2 running under RHEL ES 4, also on a Dell/Intel server.

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I'm not sure you can *natively*. If OraclePL/SQL has an LDAP library, then I'd use that.

You *can* interact natively with eDirectory using Perl on NetWare. See this AppNote -->

You *can* make changes via the LDAP interface. You can do whatever the eDirectory Object you use to authenticate to the LDAP connection can do. There are a *few* limitations when using the LDAP interface - I don't recall them specifically, but I do recall there were a handful of things that you could not do via LDAP, only via a native connection.

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Note, that's Perl on *NetWare*. The necessary Perl modules to *natively* interact with eDirectory were released on NetWare. I've inquired with Novell and apparently they have no plans to release them on Linux. Don't ask me why, I don't understand it. Perl scripts on Linux, including OES-Linux, must use LDAP to interact with eDirectory.
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