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How can I utilize Fkeys for password pasting in Internet Explorer?

Our users spend a fair amount of time enterring username and password information. Most of it is through Internet Explorer. Is there a way to assign username or password info to the Fkey (or any other hot key)?
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Being that almost all webpages use a different field name in their HTML, you would still have to click in each field before pasting the information. You can assign macros to function keys to remember the username and password. For instance, assign your username to F3 and password to F4 using the program below. You would still have to click in the username field, press F3, then click in the password field and press F4. If you are not worried about security on your machine, then by all means... but your username and password will be stored in the program in plain-text. Not really advisable.

Function Key Macro Editor 1.0
Try out HotKeys, it works with most software and allows to program your own hotkeys for vaious symbols, keystrokes etc.  Great program. http://www.snapfiles.com/get/hotkeys.html


Thanks. Great tip. Easy to install and use.

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