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email server not sending mail

davidfriend asked
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Last Modified: 2010-03-06
why would my exchange server (windows 2000 server, exchange server 2000) randomly stop routing email?

outlook reports that you are connected to exchange.  composed emails go into sent folder, however, the emails do not reach their recipients.

OS and exchange are fully updated with service packs, virus software and mail filtering software are up to date.

no flags in the event logs.

a server restart always resolves the issue, as all sent mail will then begin to reach its destination
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It sounds like your smtp serice is stopping.  When the issue happens look in services and verify all the services related to Exchange that are set to automatically start are actually running.  Also look in the Exchange System mananger and verify that the smtp connector is running.

Good Luck!.....:)


when i get indication that emails arent reaching their recipients i immediately go to the event log and the services.

all exchange services were running and no errors in the event logs.  the whole situation is just kind of weird.

When this happens restart the smtp service (not the server) and retest.  Thsi will tell us if the service is having issues

Try restart the smtp service when it happens and see if it hangs.


i will do that next time this happens, im sure that it will pop up again in the next few days.  what would cause the smtp service to malfunction like that?

I gues I should have reset before hitting submit.....lol
how large are the queues at that time?  You might need to create a new mailroot folder.

- Dismount store
- Stop Exchange, SMTP, IIS, and Antispam services
- rename current mailroot folder to mailrootold, found in C:\Program Files\Exchsrvr\Mailroot by default
- restart all services stopped
- mount store
- new mailroot folder is created automatically.


this might all be moot, since i have a new server in shipping right now.  mailboxes and public folders will be moved to a new machine within the next couple of days.  


quote: Try restart the smtp service when it happens and see if it hangs.

happened again and i tried to restart the smtp service which would result in the system hanging.

on a side note.  i have a new server up and running in parallel with the email server.  i have begun to move mailboxes over.  one snag, moving a mailbox works, but the user is disconnected from exchange.  once i delete the outlook profile on the user's machine, remaking the profile restores functionality and everything works great.  is there something that i am missing when i move mailboxes?

When you move the mailboxes over as long as both servers are online outlook should be able to recognize the change in servers


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^ maybe i just didnt wait long enough.  user's outlook was disconnected for about an hour before it recognized the change in servers after the mailbox move.


so ive set up a new server

all windows updates
all exchange updates
moved all mailboxes to new server
replicated public folders
set up dns records for new server
set up web directories for outlook web access
made allowance in firewall for outlook web access
everything works
powered down and disconnected old exchange machine from the network
everything still works

is there anything that i am forgetting to do before i remove the old exchange server from the domain?

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