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Hide shared folders in OWA 2007?

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Last Modified: 2008-02-13
I recently implemented and configured OWA 2007 remote file sharing.

My question is...if my users try to access \\exchangeservername from within OWA they see lots of shared folder (e.g. Exchaneg OAB, Address, Resources$) etc.

How can I tighten up security and restrict access or even complete hide them from my OWA users?

Thanks in advance,
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you can try this

Hiding folders/files under Windows 2003 SP1
Microsoft has introduced new feature called Access-based Enumeration (ABE) and it is only includes with Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1 (SP1) to increase security around file sharing, reliably streamline large directory structures.

ABE filters shared folders visible to a user based on that individual users access rights, preventing the display of folders or other shared resources that the user does not have rights to access.

How do I use ABE to hide folders under Windows 2003 SP1?

(a) First you must have SP1 installed.

(b) To use the ABE GUI, right-click on a shared folder and select Properties. The Access-based Enumeration tab of the Properties property sheet offers two options for enabling ABE. Select the option you want.

Once it (ABE) is enabled on shared folder user would now see only the files he/she has permissions to view.
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you can manage it using power sheell, add the server to blocked list or disbale that feature here:


Nope, neither solution has worked.

For point ABE...i tried installing and activating it however seeing that the user does and should have access to certain folders they can see them through OWA.

For Busbar's solution: That enables me to block the WHOLE server...I still need users to access but a few folders on the same server.

In short, how can I restrict the default folder access and grant extra folder access for OWA 2007?

Thanks in advance,