Why we can no longer access and use a local disk (NTFS) on the server (Snap Server 410 via iSCSI Initiator)?

I have a Adaptec Snap Server 410 for storing data on it.
This device appears on the server as a local drive NTFS. We have done that using iSCSI Initiator.
It connects to our network through a network cable using DHCP.
Suddenly this device lost its connection to the server and did not appear on the server as a local drive like it is to.
All the device' s lights green and does not seem to be a problem.
I restarted the device and then the server recognized it again as normal but now users can no longer use it to store data. when they access it and try to make a folder they get a message : "Unable to create the folder New Folder" the system cannot fing the file specified. It does not show any data that is stored on it.
But if I access it from the server everything is shown as normal after rebooting the snap server
Why when a user try to access it from a workstation it does not show any data?
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"Why when a user try to access it from a workstation it does not show any data?"

somehow everyone but the server (or server login) has lost privileges to see the data on the drive.  They can try to take ownership but they will need admin privileges to do this, or else, reinstall the software that came with the SNAP, you should be able to specify there which users can access the storage drive.

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andyalderSaggar maker's bottom knockerCommented:
I'd be tempted to just reboot the server. You might have to delete and recreate the shares but you may get away without doing that.
WLMNAuthor Commented:
I had to reallocate permissions for that directory that could not be accessed from a workstation.
After doing that everything is working well but I do not know how stable it is.
Also I would like to know what might couse that
just exactly what you fixed -- permissions were lost to the drive, and the ways to fix it are to either break all shares on all computers, and remake them again on every computer, or manually reassign permissions, just as you did.  Windows networking sometimes does this, it is not as robust as Novell or Unix, because M$ has never really had a full grasp of how to make robust networking.  What they learned, they adapted from Novell and Unix.    Glad you fixed it.
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