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Windows Vista and Rogue Logitech Program

x3o asked
So I was helping somebody test out their Logitech Webcam. Downloaded and installed their software off of logitech website. Didn't check to see if it was Vista compatible first... I went to uninstall the software and something went bonkers. Now when I open My Computer or other explorer.exe windows I get an error message of LNamespc.dll not found. Things are malfunctioning. Windows Installer opens when I try to open my CRM program. Runs my CPU up to 100%, just spooling and freezes everything. I even tried re-downloding the software and doing a clean uninstall...yea, that didn't work. If anyone has any ideas that would be great. I'm at a loss other than to save my stuff and start out new to get rid of this weirdness.
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Here is screen shot of error message to be more helpful.
Download and start this program free from Microsoft called Autoruns

It will let you see every item that is starting when Windows starts, it's like MSConfigs older brother on steroids. Use the hide Microsoft items in the settings menu to help clear the data down to just third party software. Locate lnamespc.dll and disable it from starting.

You could also download and run Windows Installer Clean Up Utility also free from Microsoft.
This will list programs that used the microsoft installer and it will let you 'clean' it. Basically it wipes all of the registry entries that pertained to that particular install. The files still exist on the hard drive but all registry entries pertaining to them are wiped.



You should reboot and make sure the error does not appear - then reinstall the software.

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