SBS 2003 laptop users cannot get all emails when away or on OWA

When laptop users are in the shop plugged into the network all of their emails show up.  As soon as they unplug they no longer have access to the majority of their emails either in outlook or via OWA.  When the managers are away I need to get some info for them and I cannot access it, where are these emails and how can I get them to shoe up in outlook all the time and view them with OWA when necessary?
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So you say as soon as they unplug, the emails disappear from outlook and OWA?

While they are plugged in, are all the emails in OWA?

Are their emails stored in Exchange or in shared .psts or something? I'm trying to figure out why mail is disappearing...

Cached mode enabled in outlook?
Geneyes008Author Commented:
I am plugged into the network right now and I have access to all my emails.  As soon as I unplug, i lose alot of them and they are not available in OWA either.
I am using cached mode.
I don't have 2003 in front of me, but it should be similar to 2007:

Check in outlook under tools > options > mail setup tab > data files

Where is it pointing to?

Any specific email disappearing? Dates, sizes, attachments? Read/unread?

When they plug back in does it show up again or is it gone for good?
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Geneyes008Author Commented:
Tha data file path is to the .ost file in my documents and settings, applicationdata/microsoft/outlook ( I will check the other laptop when the owner returns).
It seems to be older emails that dissapear in outlook.
In OWA, I can only get three days of emails (30 messages) for the user I need to retrieve info for.
Hmm, ok.

Lets also right click Inbox > Properties > Synchronization tab...

What's it state for server folder vs. offline folder? Should be the same.
Geneyes008Author Commented:
I do not have any options on this tab,

I was just looking to see if server folder and offline folder were the same, which they are.
Hello Geneyes008,

in owa, did you check 'options' (bottom left), and put the 'number of items a page' to 100?



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Geneyes008Author Commented:
I did this and will be testing the owners system this week.

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