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Parsing data

John Account
John Account asked
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Last Modified: 2013-12-12
there is a field in my DB that contains the name of a person in this format : Lucio, John

When this $name variable is returned, it looks like this :
Lucio, John
I need to make a new variable with it that will look like this :

in other words, I need to remove the capital letters, I also need to remove the comma and inverse the first name and last name.

Is that feasable?
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$name=strtolower("Lucio, John");

$namearray=explode(", ",$name);

$newname = $namearray[1].$namearray[0];


$x =  'Lucio, John';
$x = explode(',',strtolower($x));
$x = trim($x[1].$x[0]);
echo $x;

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Hi JohnLucio, thank you for the points, but for the future, you should share the points between two correct, essentially simultaneous answers.  It's fair and it keeps people from rushing off a fast barely adequate answer just to be first :))

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