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Windows 7

What does anyone know about Windows 7 - is it due next year. The reason i ask is that I am being badgered to move our corporate OS over to Vista and I don't want to jump through hoops getting Vista working corporately when Windows 7 is looming.
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Last i heard is its arriving late 2009. Not much is confirmed now, a google result should get you something.

Well by the time Windows 7 quits looming the next version will be looming. Sad to say but no matter when you decide to upgrade you'll be kicking yourself because the next version will be right around the corner. :(
Windows 7 aka Vienna is slated to come out sometime on 09 or 10. But that's a maybe. It's not going to be like Vista. Less gloss and shine according to insiders and more substantial things that users need.

I wouldn't go with Vista yet if you don't have to. Lots of problems with software and hardware compatibility that have not yet been ironed out. Hang on to XP for as long as you can in a corporate envrionment. Vista is mainly directed to home users, not business users.
I shouldn't migrate to Vista. It costs you maybe a year to switch all your pc's over and then around that time, maybe a hyear later (2009/2010), the new windows is there.

You can read more about Windows 7 at





Contact Microsoft sales team. They will help you in and out ( they will get new customer in advanced)

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