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use Shadow copy on a SQL server

Can I activate shadow copy on a 2003 server (standard) running SQL 2005?  I don't need it to make recovery of the SQL data possible, but there are other folders and files on this drive that I would like to have the ability to recover from shadow copy.  
Also one of my mobile users has folders on this drive set up to sync at log on and log off.  
Would having shadow copy tuned on affect those synced folders?  
I am new to shadow copy so any help is appreciated.
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Shadow copy is really controlled at the disk/volume level... not at the directory level.

But, to answer your question... yes, Volume Shadow Copy services run just fine on Windows Server 2003 with SQL Server 2005.   I would suggest you enable VSC on the volume and adjust the amount of space that is allocated to it after a few days.

You might find the following article handy:

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