Linksys can ping through the VPN tunnel but other computers cannot.

I have a Linksys RV016 ( connected to a Sonicwall PRO 3060 ( through a VPN Tunnel. I set the tunnel using Main Mode IKE and when I test the tunnel it shows it has connected successfully and the Sonicwall shows the VPN tunnel also has been set up successfully. But the computers behind the Linksys cannot ping the computers behind the Sonicwall. Here are the diagonistics I did:

From the Linksys RV016 network:
The linksys itself can ping all the computers behind the Sonicwall. But the computers behind the Linksys cannot ping any of the computers behind the Sonicwall.

From the Sonicwall network:
The Sonicwall and all the computers behind the Sonicwall can ping the Linksys but none of the computers behind the Linksys.

So it seems like the Linksys is just eating up all of the VPN traffic and not allowing any traffic to the network behind it. I have tried disabling IPSec Passthrough and the firewall on the Linksys but that didn't help.
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mjeetAuthor Commented:
Never mind it just started working by itself and without any changes today.
mjeetAuthor Commented:
Well I guess I posted too soon. The VPN tunnel works but only one of the computers behind the linksys can reach the computers on the other side of the tunnel.
mjeetAuthor Commented:
Had to disable the Sonicwall Global VPN network adapter on every computer and now all computers can access through the Linksys VPN tunnel.
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