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How do I manage throughput, bandwidth, and speed across my network to an internal server?

tmnnetwork asked
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Last Modified: 2013-12-14
I need to test bandwidth, throughput and speed performance from remote sites (a variety of DSL, T1, and frac T1) to internal servers.  Toast and other speed tests run to external servers, but I need to test to internal servers.  Bandwidth Place's hosted test is currently unavailable.  Does anyone know of other options where I could run an application on the server and have a remote user connect to it and test through a browser?  I don't want to have to install applications on the remote user's pc's.

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Are those internal servers running any webpages?? Are they linux or windows servers?

You'll need to setup an application on the servers which your remote machines would access to run the test.

Here is a great application that doesn't require you to host any websites on the servers:



Thanks for the reply JohnnyT.  I've looked at qcheck, but this would require installing the application on the remote pc.  The server I'd like to test to currently runs a webserver.  I'd like to have end users be able open a browser to run the test, similar to what I've heard bandwidth place can do.
I've found another product here which should suite my needs.


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