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Server becomes unresponsive every few days

Brad Held
Brad Held asked
I've got a server that is becoming unresponsive every few days.   Always seems to happen over night as the problem is there when I come in to the office in the morning.  Cannot connect to the server and I have to reboot the server to clear up the problem for a few days.

Any ideas?
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Are you performing a backup at night?  
Are there any errors in Event log?
Are Automatic Updates set to be applied at night?
Look for 2020's or 2019's in the system log.  

If you have some 2020's,  see this article:


Also,  /3gb in the boot.ini cuts your kernel in half and can be contributed.  Additionally make sure you are running sp2 so that you are running a recent VSS hotifx.

Between all that,  unless you have a leak, you should resolve any paged pool issue you are having.


Worked perfectly - had the 2020 error