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slow printing PDFs using Adobe Pro 8.1.1 on Vista Business to local USB HP LaserJet 1300

I have a Gateway E-2610N running Vista Business and Adobe Pro 8.1.1 with a local USB printer, an HP LaserJet 1300.  I loaded HP's Vista postscript drivers for the printer (HPUPD41PS32.exe).  When printing PDFs, it takes over five minutes to print one page, even on relatively simple files.  This printer worked fine when it was attached to a Dell running WindowsXP.  How can I speed this up?  Thanks!
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Try using the PCL version of the HP Driver.


It is also useful to stop and restart the Print Spooler service.
Type Service.msc in the Start Menu search bar
Locate Print Spooler - Stop and Restart it



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