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Configure 2 Cisco 7940 IP phones so that one number will ring both phones?

dsterling asked
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Last Modified: 2008-01-26
I have a user that has 2 Cisco 7940 IP Phones, they have them in two different offices that they work at, and they want to have both phones ring with the same number or transfer to the other phone after 3 rings. I look on the Cisco Call Manager Server at the configurations for the phones and don't see how this can be done, I know with a 7960 it can be configured to share a line, but these phones are 7940s, does anyone know of a way to have 7040s IP phones both ring when a single number is called or of a way to have the phone automatically transfer to the other phone after 3 rings?

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Yes it's the same way as the 7960. It's just a shared line appearance.

Open call manager, browse to device and search for the phone. On each phone assign the same dn to the line and it will show up as a shared line.

A few things to keep in mind when doing this across physical locations. The CSS needs to be assigned at the phone level and not the line, this will help with call routing. Depening on your route patterns and how they are implemented 911 may not work as you would expect although it's pretty easy to test with Dialed number analyzer. Pickup group assignment is tied to the line so if these are implemented then they may not work as expected.

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