Viewing BIOS boot order from inside linux

I would like to know if there is a command that I can run that will show me the boot order (CD, HDD, Floppy). I have used dmidecode and lshw which are both helpfull but I would also like to view the boot order which neither of these show.

Thank you in advance
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Kent OlsenConnect With a Mentor Data Warehouse Architect / DBACommented:
Hi accoclip2001,

  "There are only a few."  I meant to say only a few BIOSes out there....

One of the best tools for seeing what your system looks like is distributed through  But it is a Windows only tool and doesn't include the boot order.  So I'm guessing that this will be a very tough find.

What EE needs is the ability to "ping" a particular Expert.  grg99 is probably the best source here.  I'll see if I can bring him into the discussion.

Kent OlsenData Warehouse Architect / DBACommented:
Hi accoclip2001,

Since that is stored in the BIOS, you'll need a tool that understand the internals of the proprietary BIOS running on your motherboard.  There are only a few.

Still, I don't know of a tool to do this.  You might check with the maker of the motherboard or BIOS to see if they have such a tool or can provide help in building one.

Good Luck,
http:// thevpn.guruCommented:
As Kdo said..I can think of anything either..unless there is some app that has access to the BIOS chip..although I doubt that
IMHO it's almost impossible task. I once worked on a similar task as a developer and made following conclusions:
1. There are several type of BIOSes and they are quite different. Moreover even different versions of one type of BIOS are not the same.
2. Even if somebody manage to obtain this information from BIOS it would be just enumerated hardware entities as sequence of numbers and it may not correlate with a way of enumerating entities on OS.
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