Setup Samsung Blackjack with Exchange 2007

I have a user with a Samsung Blackjack.  When his mailbox was on Exchange 2003 he could get his email. Since we moved his mailbox to Exchange 2007 he no longer can get his email on his BlackJack. Does anyone have any experience getting this combo to work?  When we go to OWA we get the certificate error - I have heard this may be a problem when trying to connect to a device like the Black Jack.
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kieran_bConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Right, well you have two major problems there.  First, your SSL certificate is not trusted by the device.  I would save myself the trouble with it and just buy a new certificate from godaddy ->

Second, it is for the wrong name - make sure that you get a SAN cert, and that it is listed with ALL names of the server, not just the internal name.
Yes, the certificate error is going to cause the problem here.

Why are you getting the error (what does it say)?

jlinggAuthor Commented:
The security certificate presented by this website was not issued by a trusted certificate authority.
The security certificate presented by this website was issued for a different website's address.

Security certificate problems may indicate an attempt to fool you or intercept any data you send to the server.
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