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Outlook gives a printer error, but after answering error, user can print

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Last Modified: 2013-12-05
I have a user that has an inconsistent issue with Outlook 2003.  Sometimes when he goes to print an email message he receives an error that reads, "Printing is not available.  There are no printers available.  You can select and configure a printer from the Windows Control Panel."  However, he can click OK, and then try to print again, and the email message prints correctly.  We have four networked printers, and his computer defaults to an HP 5200.  The printers show up in the Printers folder.  This seems to happen without rhyme or reason.  Any thoughts?  FYI, the network is Windows 2000 mixed, and this doesn't seem to be happening elsewhere.
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Okay - disconnect the network printers from the computer.
Clean out any printer drivers on the computer - http://members.shaw.ca/bsanders/CleanPrinterDrivers.htm
Then reboot - and add the network printers back in.


Okay, I'll give that a shot, although it'll be late this evening before I can get to the pc.  The user's in the middle of some filings that have to be done today.  

So I take it that you suspect damaged print drivers?  I'm wondering why they'd misbehave so inconsistently.  
HP drivers are notoriously unreliable - the amount they are updated on the HP website goes to show this - they always seem to have a few bugs in them...


Well, I followed your instructions, and had him run for a few days, but it's still going on.  I'm not seeing anything his event logs to indicate what may be causing this to happen.  It seems to happen without rhyme or reason. He doesnt recall it happening in in excel, but it does happen while working in Word and outlook.  He'll try to print a document or email message, and then he'll get a message saying that there's not driver installed, but then he can try it again and it will work fine.  

Any other thoughts?

I'm having the same problem, but on Excel and Outlook.  Please someone help!!


Still no solution here.  

Any other ideas??
Can you see if a new user account is affected in the same way - on this particular computer?
Perhaps this can be narrowed down to a machine or user-based issue.


Possibly.  However, my concern is that it could be ah hour, or a day, or a week before it manifests again.  I guess I could give the user a new user account on the computer and go from there, but I'd rather not, especially with this particular user, lol.  As it sits now, it's an annoyance, but a bearable one.  

I wondered originally if it were a network issue, but have found no indications that it is... No errors in the event logs on the pc or server.

Not trying to take over this thread, just desparately looking for a solution.  This is happening on my terminal servers, even with a new user.  My problem is that clicking ok doesn't still let you print.

I tried completely re-loading Office to no avail.  

I'm still looking for a solution.  I'll let you know if I find anything.


Thanks for giving it a shot, and235100.  Sorry but the problem has either gone away, or the user hasn't reported it again.  Full points for taking a crack at, though.

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