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how to reset bios password

I have an old toshiba 4600 and its asking for a pass word to start the boot process.
I have taken the cmos battery out to try and reset the password to the default. no go.

how do i make a serial cable to by pass the bios pass word.
please explain in detail.
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There is usually a jumper on the motherboard that you move to reset the password.  I'll see if I can find any documentation

there is going to be a jumper on your motherboard that will clear out the CMOS. You'll need to find this jumper and set it to clear the CMOS, then power on the computer, then power off the computer and reset the jumper to how it was before. that will clear out the CMOS (including the password). usually the jumper is labeled on the motherboard but you may have to lookup a drawing or schematic of your particular motherboard to find it. it's often located near the battery.
Have to tried to see if you motherboard has a jumper that you can clear for resetting? Try this site
Just remove the battery... start the machine and shutdown in 2 secs.
Put the battery back and your cmos is clear.
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You need a Parallel (Printer) cable and not a serial. The short the following Pins:

Pin 1 with 5 and 10
Pin 2 with 11
Pin 3 with 17
Pin 4 with 12
Pin 6 with 16
Pin 7 with 13
Pin 8 with 14
Pin 9 with 15
Pin 18 with 25

You might also have to press ESC when booting.
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The parallel port "key" rindi suggested works with many Toshiba models ... in fact you can purchase one already made (although it's simply to make your own):  https://www.regnow.com/softsell/nph-softsell.cgi?items=1824-51

HOWEVER, notice the following note on the page I just referenced:   "... Note: The key will not work with the following older models: T4500, T4600, T4700, T4800, T4900 (a chip is required for these models.) "

==>  This implies your laptop uses a security chip.   If that's in fact the case, you're out of luck --> there's no simple way to bypasss or eliminate the password.   It's not stored in CMOS;  the CMOS battery has no effect; and there's no restore jumper.   You either need to remember the password, or you simply can't access the system.   Security-chip-enabled laptops have EXCELLENT security => but you do NOT want to forget the password !!   The only resolution is to have the security chip replaced or to replace the motherboard => neither of which is inexpensive.   The folks at www.pwcrack.com sell a replacement security chip [https://www.regnow.com/softsell/nph-softsell.cgi?items=1824-46 ] or the replacement chip with a recovery service to recover the password for your old chip --> necessary if your ATA-secure hard drive is also locked with the password.   This is about the least expensive way to resolve this issue.


Thanks to all for comments, but i finally fix the issue by building a loopback parallel jumper.
inserted jumper into parallel port started satellite 4600 and it cleared the bios pass word.

The pin out is:


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I do think that is what I suggested above?
Forced accept.

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