Can't delete blank page at end of Word 2003 document

In Word 2003, I have a blank page at the end of the document I'd like to delete. I've tried getting rid of headers, footers, and can't get rid of paragraph mark on that page whether I do delete or backspace. I'd rather not copy and paste but just delete it from the current document.
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tastasConnect With a Mentor I.T.Commented:
Try click on the Formatting Marks icon that look like a paragraph symbol.  It will bring up all the formatting details for your document.  It is located in the Standard Toolbar.  With that, you should be able to delete the blank page or page breaks.
That's right. You can't delete the last paragaph mark in a document.

However, you can make sure that it uses minimum space. From the Format menu, reduce its font size as small as possible and make sure that the SpaceAfter is 0 in the paragraph formatting.
contrainAuthor Commented:
It was a section break, I found it, deleted it and it did what I wanted it to do.
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