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start a app as a app not as a dameon

zenworksb asked
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Last Modified: 2010-04-20
i have a application called novell audit that i a,m trying to start on sles10. It starts and then just sits there. It was recomended to me to start novell audit as a application not as a dameon how do i do this thank you
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Top Expert 2008
If it starts and just sits there then it is running as an application..if it disappears into the background and you can still see it running using

ps aux app_name

then it is running as a daemon.

From what you said it is running as an app.
Top Expert 2007

Strictly speaking, there's no such thing as an application process.  A daemon is simply a process that detaches itself from the terminal and runs in the background.

The summary shakoush has given you is good.

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