How can one track the originating IP address/identity behind an AOL e-mail?

Hello.   I am trying to determine how to go about determining the originating IP address behind an AOL e-mail.  Any help is appreciated.  I am very much a novice.  Thank you.
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war1Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Hello Stormbringr1,

The IP address of original sender is in the email header.  Here is how to view AOL header:

 If the email is sent from anywhere OTHER then AOL, and you are receiving it in AOL, then open the email you want to trace, or have your client open the email, and look for the link Details. This link is usually just below the To:email  in the email message.  If the email is sent from an AOL user to another AOL user then our Reverse AOL Screenname search can get you the sender's information.

Here is instructions on how to read a header

Hope this helps!
Stormbringr1Author Commented:
Thanks for the reply, War...   So...I guess what you're saying is if it's an AOL member sending an e-mail to another AOL member through their AOL e-mail accounts...then there is no way to identify the IP address or identity of that person?   Thanks again...
Stormbringrl, that is correct.  You can check the AOL directory for the username and any additional info.
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