ORA-29275 partial multibyte character - How to fix it?

I have got during
select * from Table;
ORA-29275 partial multibyte character and no result.
ORA-29275 partial multibyte character
Cause: The requested read operation could not complete because a partial multibyte character was found at the end of the input. Action: Ensure that the complete multibyte character is sent from the remote server and retry the operation. Or read the partial multibyte character as RAW.

After a lot of experiments and tryings I have fixed the damaged field and record.
select TITLE from Table WHERE REC_KEY=348;
Unfortunately in the Table is more such damaged records. The DB code is UTF-8. There is an application, which enables to change field TITLE manually in given REC_KEY, but I dont know what in the field is wrong. How can I fix it? How can I fix the number of records which cause  ORA-29275 partial multibyte . How can I select is as RAW (as adviced in message, to read how?). Could you help me? Many thanks.
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oleggoldConnect With a Mentor Commented:
To find record,check the database alert log
for raw use utl_raw:
Try this:
 utl_raw.bit_complement(r IN RAW) RETURN RAW;
SELECT utl_raw.bit_complement('0102F3')
FROM dual;  
SmilauerAuthor Commented:
The type of data in the field TITLE is varchar2, max 100 bytes. How to know which records can cause the partial multibyte in order to delete them?    
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