Yamaha Keyboard Driver Problem

Hi, I installed a midi driver on my Windows XP for a new Yamaha Keyboard so I could transmit midi signals between the two.  The driver showed up as a Control Panel in the Control Panel window.  Everything worked fine until I wanted to use another midi program and it keeps saying that it's looking for the Yamaha driver but it is not currently connected (which it's not) and all I want to do is have the system default back to the Windows midi soundcard but even though it shows it to be the default driver under Sound and Audio devices, the Yamaha driver is really the default driver.  So, I did a system restore prior to the time I installed it and it no longer appears in the Control Panel but when I open a Midi program it's still looking for the Yamaha driver.  How can I remove this from my system?  It does not show up under add/remove programs file. Thanks
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If you go to Start / Control Panel /Sounds and Audio Devices / Audio / Midi Music Playback -- you should be able to drop down the box to find the default XP midi driver, which is:
Microsoft GS Wavetable SW Synth -- and select it.

About deleting the Yamaha midi driver: You might be able to try this:
Go to My Computer and right click on it. Choose Properties / Hardware / Device Manager
Then from the list of Device Managers choose Sound and Video Game Controllers.
See if you can find the Yamaha there. If you can, double click on it and choose Driver -- and see if they have an uninstall button. Or a tab that says "don't use this as a midi driver".

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