Keep People from printing public contact info

Would like to keep people from printing or coping information from a public contact folder.

Ie.  You have a public folder under all public folders called Sales Contact.  You would like to have your sales staff view and mabey even update the info but do not want them to print your custmer database out and take to the compention.

Any thought would be GREAT..

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That is not going to be possible - the only thing you would be able to do was monitor them.

I am trying to think of another way to block it, but what would stop them from manually writing everything down on paper?  Or taking screenshots?

Sure, it is more work, but you aren't going to be able to fix this technologically.
icskansasAuthor Commented:
I was thinking of something like what Act that it can be controled by the user log in.   Yes they can still write all down,  but 15000 contacts would take a min or two...  :-)

Thanks again.  I wondering if it could be done with a GP mabey??  or a 3rd party software??
>>but 15000 contacts would take a min or two...  :-)

True, but you don't need all 15000, it is entirely feasible to get 50 good ones in 20 minutes.  I mean, what if they just took screenshots of the list?  You could get 50 good contacts in 10 seconds.

I don't think a GP is going to do this for you, aside from stop them from printing all together - but then what about OWA?

There are simply too many holes to stop this from happening in Exchange, and I would expect you would need to move your contacts elsewhere, such as ACT!, as you already mentioned...

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icskansasAuthor Commented:
Thanks,  I do think Act is the only solution that will be able to this.  

Thanks again
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