Trying to import .pst to Exchange 2007 (64 bit) from XP machine and missing 'import-mailbox' cmdlet

Hello everyone,

Here's my current dilemma.  I'm trying to import .PST files to our new Exchange 2007 server (x64 bit) from our current Exchange 2003 machine.  I've successfully exported the .PST files from the 2003 server to an XP box I have setup running the Exchange 2007 Management tools.  

When I try to run the 'Import-Mailbox' command from the Exchange Management Shell on the XP machine, I receive an error stating that command doesn't exist.  I then run a list command and do not see the 'Import-Mailbox' command listed.  

If I do the exact same thing from the 2007 server, the command is there, but will not work because it is a 64 bit machine.  

So after all of my research I'm still stuck.  The XP machine is up to date, has all the requirements installed (IIS, MMC 3.0, Outlook 2003/Sp1, Powershell, etc) but the command just isn't there.  It looks like just about all of the other commands are there, just not the one I need.  
Anyone know what I might be missing?  Let me know if you need clarification on anything above.  

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kieran_bConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It is the easiest way to do it, if they are in the same domain.

If they are not, I would try the command line from the server itself - or use good ol' Exmerge ;)
murgroupConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You must move all mailboxs from Exchange 2003 using the Exchange 2007 management console. Go to recipient configuation. Right click on the mailbox you want to move. Click move mailbox and choose the 2007 server as the destination. I'm sure there is a way to use the command line but this is the brain-dead easy way to do it.
Thanks for correcting me on that. Didn't even think to ask about that. I know Sembee was working on documentation for doing swing migrations to Exchange 2007 but don't know what the status is. That will be the easiest when migrating between domains.
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CyberDocSupportAuthor Commented:
Yeah, two seperate domains (with the same name unfortunalty) at two different locations.  That rules out creating a trust between them.  

I think using Exmerge on the 2003 server to export to a .PST will work.  Then copy the .PST to the new server and import.  

That's where I'm stuck, I have to use the 32bit XP box to do the import command, but don't have the import command on that box.  
BSonPoshConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Did you install the exchange management tools on the XP machine?

You can make sure the Exchange Snap-in is registered by running

get-pssnapin -reg

If you see it then do

Add-pssnapin Snapin.Name
>>I think using Exmerge on the 2003 server to export to a .PST will work.  Then copy the .PST to the new server and import.  

Use Exmerge for the import as well - it is not supported for Exchange 2007, but it still works...
CyberDocSupportAuthor Commented:
Ok, I'm going to try a test run with Exmerge to see if that will work.  Do any of you know if there are any issues/limitations with using Exmerge on a x64 bit box?  If so, then I can use it from the XP machine correct?  

No and yes ;)
CyberDocSupportAuthor Commented:
I actually finally got it figured out (well this problem at least)...  I had to get SP1 installed onto the client to get the import-mailbox command.  I thought that is what I originally downloaded from MS, but you had to do that separate.  

Thanks for everyones help; I'll divvy up the points.
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