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User closes out Internet Explorer, what to do? use onbeforeunload?

michael1174 asked
If a user closes out of Internet Explorer by using the X in the top right corner, how can I prompt the user and ask them if they want to save or cancel the transaction?  If they want to save, I need to call a C# SaveValues() method, if they want to cancel, I need to call a C# RollBack() method.  Is this possible? Do I need a pop up?  I read dont use popups, because pop up blockers will cause them not to load.

Whats the best solution using asp.net 1.1, c#, javascript...

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I would use onbeforeunload with a confirm("Do you want to save your data?")

then if it returns true execute an Ajax call to the server side code to call save otherwise execute RollBack

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