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Aligning Items on webform (Visual Studio IDE)

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Last Modified: 2013-11-26
I would like to see some tutorial, discussion, walkthrough on how to make a professional layout utilizing Visual Studio of an ASP.Net web Page.

I am very good at the coding part filling in data, making items appear / dissapear and other coding, but ligning up the the labels / textboxes images is such a pain.  I spend more time trying things.

I do use the table a lot, but if I need to merge two cells then things get quite tricky.  I have seen some very nice pages that line up great, but would like to know more about how this is done.  ( I do like to use the flow for the controls since my pages are used by more than Internet Explorer.

Please provide some links, tips / comments.  


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Hi Rog,

There are two ways of looking at this. I will briefly mention the master feature of asp.net, where you can use a single master file for your design and your other pages merely drop the data into a designated area. If you like the sound of that get Googling!

Tables are a good way to learn the basics of HTML and design reasonable sites. I would recommend looking at using CSS to lay out your pages. With CSS you can position things anywhere on your page and with far fewer restrictions that with using tables. It's not easy to master though, so it'll take some work!

I recommend using W3Schools to learn...
Very handy resource site too.
here are some basic templates to get you started...
and a tutorial...

That one actually compares the layout with a page designed with tables - so you can actually see the difference from what you can already do! Don't forget Google is your friend though - Good luck and enjoy the learning!
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Thanks for your advice.  I do use the Master page scenario.  I do like that, but still laying out my content can be tough depending on the length of the strings from the database.  I also create some web controls, but again they work great, just don't look the best.  That is the part I am struggling with.  I will take a look at your links.

Thanks for you input.


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